by on November 17, 2020
The path must be clear to your mind. This isn't because your conscious mind has to be involved in the final attainment, when it's uncomfortable with your choices, but as your mind can be a adversary. You'll find it difficult to get if your intellect does not view the path as functional, logical, or worthy. When you want to sit, say,'needing to sit'. Where you're going to sit, focus on your measures, saying the right words when you are walking to the place before. When you reach that place, sa...
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by on November 17, 2020
Whichever you choose. Bear in mind that the practice does not involve actually falling asleep. Keep your attention and focus and you are attempting to remain alert. If you're sleeping, you are doing (and you might fall over, unless you are lying down). You can not keep your eyes open, usually, due to whatnot and dhamma nashik dust, and our eyes become dry. You'll have to float, in the very least. Because it helps to focus on what's happening inside your body you may wish to keep your eyes c...
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