by on September 27, 2020
When teens are prescribed opioid painkillers, the propensity to abuse opioids is much less in those who are athletes, compared to their peers who are not involved in sports or regular exercises, claims a recent research. In fact, the study belies some previous findings which raised concerns about injured teen athletes abusing opioid painkillers prescribed by doctors to manage their pain before finally moving on to use heroin. The study, published online in the journal Pediatrics in July 2016 and...
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by on September 12, 2020
Have you been dealing with an addiction to alcohol and wish to get help to get it out of your life and body? Then you need to be warned of how alcohol rehab in NJ is the most reliable way to beat this addiction. The first thing you have to comprehend is that you are not alone in this dependency. Thousands of people all over the world battle with alcohol addiction every day. Alcohol can quickly ruin your life, health and financial status in a rush, however it also affects your loved ones and indi...
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by on July 4, 2020
However, parents who don't drink were less likely to permit their children take in liquors. Furthermore, nearly half of the participants reported to have actually attempted more than a few sips of alcohol by the age of 14 years. However, only about one in 7 admitted to have actually tasted alcohol at 11. The authors advised that children listed below the age of 15 should abstain from drinking entirely. This is very important in the view that kids in this age group are more vulnerable to harmful ...
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