by on October 22, 2021
When looking at used cars it is very much a case of caveat emptor - Let the buyer beware! There are certainly a number of things that you should always do though in order to try to make sure that you end up with the right vehicle. Firstly, and this may seem obvious, make sure that you give the car a really good test drive and that you are completely happy with not only the way that the car handles, but also that you feel comfortable driving it. Ensure that when adjusted for you, the driving p...
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by on July 31, 2021
It's very easy to find a decent number of used cars advertised for sale nowadays by checking online car listing websites such as Exchange and Mart or one of the countless independent car dealer websites such as Inglebys Classic Cars in Harrow, but, whether you’re looking at classic used cars for sale or want to buy your first runabout, there are a number of steps you should take to try to minimise any risk. Firstly, make sure that you give the car a good test drive and that you are happy with...
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