by on June 29, 2020
It seems like there is some minimal effort to coordinate with NBA 2K MT ratings of this MyNBA 2K player personalities, but very little to match on skill level of the NBA 2K players. I am not crazy for thinking that both good and bad NBA 2K players could appreciate NBA 2K more if they had been matched with NBA 2K players of their skill level? The issue right now is that, at least based on what is visible to the consumer, the available measures that you'd use to infer skill are fairly lousy. Th...
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by on June 6, 2020
I believe that's unfair. People who anticipated a Opal are definitely the minority. What's people is how bad there is a card they've been waiting for for a while. Most wanted to grind out an Evo Kobe that's as good as NBA 2K Coins work you put in the leveling. And if that day fall that Evo card and also the PD one this morning, the afternoon will be pointless and useless in an afternoon and disrespectful. What I think the sentiment of everyone is is that ever since the information leaked 2 weeks...
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