by on September 23, 2021
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by on September 2, 2021
A humble Sydney nurse has revealed how her life has changed since becoming an overnight-millionaire two years ago.The woman received a phone call many people can only dream of in January 2019. The caller told her she had won the $107 million Powerball prize, not the initial $107,000 she originally thought was her winnings. A Sydney nurse won a record-breaking $107 million, claiming Australia's biggest ever Powerball prize in January 2019The life-changing sum was largest ever Australian i...
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by on August 29, 2021
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by on August 28, 2021
The winner of a $1.8million Lotto jackpot has admitted he 'wasn't excited' to discover his family had won because he was 'already convinced' they would take out the top prize.  The couple held one of the 11 division one winning entries nationally in Saturday X Lotto draw 4153, drawn over the weekend. Each entry takes home a division one prize worth $1,818,181.82.Speaking with an official from The Lott on Monday morning, a man from Glenelg said he had discovered they were millionaires yesterday ...
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by on August 27, 2021
Buying suits is a challenge, especially if your budget is bleeding all over the place. You might think that weekly Powerball ticket is your only chance to pull out of the paycheck to paycheck syndrome, but things aren't really that bad. You still have a few cash lifelines on deck, and you know that big office promotion is right around the corner. It's time to bite the bullet and spend some of that cash on a suit or two. If you do, you'll be ready to show what you have in a suit, and you'll b...
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by on August 26, 2021
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by on August 22, 2021
A struggling cleaner is $80million richer after winning Australia's third-biggest lottery prize in history. The middle-aged father, who lost his job due to the Covid pandemic and had been working as a cleaner Share this article ...
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by on August 22, 2021
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by on February 20, 2020
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