by on November 11, 2020
The Jupiter transit is dated on 20th November 2020is going to bring different results to different zodiac signs. Talking about the Libra, the transit will happen in the 4th House, bringing natives some unfavorable results.   From this position, Jupiter will aspect the 8th House about unexpected gains, help, hard work, hurdles, defeat, failure, and disappointment. It will also aspect the 10th House, which signifies career, status, achievements, successes, and expenses. The 12th House too wi...
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by on November 26, 2020
Librans are the people who thrive around people because they are such social butterflies who need attention. Their need to be the center of attraction or everyone’s favorite even leads to them diplomacy, which is a common practice in the case of a Libran. They have this peaceful and charming demeanor that just invites everyone to them. They are peaceful human beings who want to keep everything subtle. Many times to avoid any possible conflict, they become a little diplomatic, which is both a ...
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by on December 2, 2020
Numerology consider that numbers have an association with the life of human beings. According to numerology, every number carries a certain meaning, and it can uncover many truths or present various discoveries about a person. Date of birth hence is the most significant tool in numerology whenever it comes to predicting the fate of the native. Every person revolves around the number system since they are all assigned with a date of birth. This numeric expression defines how much success, fail...
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