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Not really, no one in their right mind believe present WOW Classic raid difficulty is vanilla such wow gold as. Even if the amounts are correct. This might be less of an issue with AQ and Naxx because we had practically the same equipment and abilities we do in WOW Classic however Molten Core and BWL suffered exceptionally hard from utilizing the original numbers with 1.12 abilities and itemization. I explained your solutions contradict each other (make the raids harder, but consumables more economical ).

I do concur that content is too simple and must be buffed. Now I raid logging until TBC comes out. The thing is, I had high hopes for WOW Classic and was kind of let down, and I feel the same thing could occur with TBC unless they lighten up and handle WOW Classic. How should it be managed by them? As I didn't understand how awful WOW Classic was likely to function as I don't have the foresight to understand how bad TBC is going to be. That's left to folks.

You recorded five reasons why"spell batching is ruining PVP", yet you show very little comprehension of how it functions. We can proceed through every one of your examples point. While this is brought on by spell batching, you have to understand that contemporary retail WoW has charm batching. As long as any kind of spell batching exists (which it pretty much needs to) moves like this are possible.

WoW has a spell queue window for your keypresses, which means you could get your earth shock to cast at the specific time as the lightning bolt cast finishes, even when the spell batching window was 1 ms you would have the ability to get lighting bolt and ground shock through in precisely the same batch, with both profiting from Elemental Mastery. Same as above. Additionally this has been a component of all gameplay for years of early WoW, it is strange that suddenly it is destroying pvp.

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Nothing to do with charm batching. Sap breaks based on harm, maybe not debuffs. Cheap shot doesn't cause harm and thus does not break sap. Same as possible blind, utilize, and fear, polymorph several other CCs on a target that is sapped. The trick is to prevent auto attacking or via angling your shot. Isn't due to spell batching. It's due to the person who was casting a spell stopping their cast, but the package containing this information having not reach Blizzard's server however prior to the Counterspell was processed. This also happens in retail WoW by the way, even arguably to a greater extent due to Blizzard using implemented a"kicker's benefit", meaning that if the person was still casting on your screen when you pushed an interrupt, it will be succesful.

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